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Over the course of my life, I have painted pictures in fits and starts. I began in about the fifth grade under John DeGolia, the famous French impressionist of Tecumseh, OK. I didn't really get impressionism at that stage of my life, but I began to appreciate it while taking an art history class in college. A year or two later I took a painting class in which I attempted to redeem myself. Primarily though, I was influenced by the paintings of two other students.

In the real world (as they called it when I was in college) I have painted in two or three different isolated segments.

In one of those segments - the most prolific - I did close to a hundred miniature paintings on little 3x5 wooden boards from Hobby Lobby. These have a routed edge which I painted as a frame.

In a break from the ordinary, I painted an art table top while working at Leonardo's Discovery Warehouse in Enid.

I have recently messed around with Adobe Illustrator, which I use for schematics and panel diagrams in XQP.

I have begun painting again as of July, 2013. I have picked up about where I left off doing landscapes, but portraits are brand new for me. These are the ones shown below and to the right.



This painting was done following the recording of the song by the same title: Stars Fly. There is also a time lapse video video on YouTube of the creation of this painting.

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