Prints of selected paintings on this page are available for purchase at fineartamerica.com.

Over the course of my life, I have painted pictures in fits and starts. I began in about the fifth grade under John DeGolia, the famous French impressionist of Tecumseh, OK. I didn't really get impressionism at that stage of my life, but I began to appreciate it while taking an art history class in college. A year or two later I took a painting class in which I attempted to redeem myself. Primarily though, I was influenced by the paintings of two other students.

In the real world (as they called it when I was in college) I have painted in two or three different isolated segments.

In one of those segments - the most prolific - I did close to a hundred miniature paintings on little 3x5 wooden boards from Hobby Lobby. These have a routed edge which I painted as a frame.

In a break from the ordinary, I painted an art table top while working at Leonardo's Discovery Warehouse in Enid.

I have recently messed around with Adobe Illustrator, which I use for schematics and panel diagrams in XQP.

I have begun painting again as of July, 2013. I have picked up about where I left off doing landscapes, but portraits are brand new for me. These are the ones shown below and to the right.



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